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T-Smart XBM50 Waterproof


T-Smart XBM50 Waterproof

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Frekvence: 2,4GHz
Baterija: 3,7V 650mAh LiPo
Lādēšanas laiks: ~ 45-60 minūtes
Lidošanas ilgums: ~ 6-8 minūtes
Kontroles distance: 80-100 metri
Ierīces izmēri: 40 X 32,50 X 7,5 cm

Oriģinālais apraksts angļu valodā:

Enjoy the fun near Pool/lake/river, even drop into water, it can fly up and play continue.
No need to adjust the position of quadcopter before flying.Let your drone easier to control.
Different modes of speed: 20/40/60%;
6axis stabilization system: The newest 6axis gyro flying system with the more sensitive of gyro’s regulating,
More stable and flexible flight;
360 eversion: Continuous rolling for perfect action and wonderful performance. 4 direction Flip;
RC Frequency: 2.4G Good capability of anti-interference while remote controlling and feel fit of the transmitter.